What about.......?

How many people may be seated comfortably?

There is plenty of seating for 6 persons very comfortably both inside and outside of the vessel. The vessel is designed to carry more passengers. However, we are licensed to accommodate up to a maximum of 6 passengers total. Sorry, no exceptions as this is a U.S. Coast Guard regulation.

Who typically performs the ash scattering once the vessel arrives at the destination?  

Usually the surviving spouse or the next of kin (closest family member) will disperse the ashes. We can disperse the cremains at the request of the family. It is your choice. We will do the best we can to fulfill your wishes. You are welcome to bring a clergy member for a prayer service. He/she will be included as one of the 6 passengers.  

What kind of official documents do you need to scatter ashes?

1. For all scattering of cremains at sea, we need a burial permit issued by a County (within State of California) Vital Statistics/Health Department at the place of disposition. For out of state requests, the process is quite simple. The county (usually S.F. or Marin) in which the scattering occurs can issue a California disposition of human remains permit. Feel free to call for additional info as we can assist you with this process. 2. We also require a signed "Authorization for Scattering" form for unattended  sea scatterings. The "Authorization for Scattering" form is listed on page 3.

Can I charter the boat to scatter my beloved dog's cremains?


Will the ashes blow back onto the boat?

The Captain will position the boat so that the ashes can be dispersed down wind so that they will blow away from the boat.

Is the service private?

Yes, other than the Captain and crewman, it is private and confidential. We do not charter to multiple groups at one time.

Who provides flowers and music?

The family members requesting the ash scattering brings flowers (no artificial flowers). If there is a request for special music, family members are welcome to bring their own cds and or songs on an IPOD.

What about getting seasick?

It is our experience that people seldom get seasick on the Bay especially in areas of the Bay where we favor scattering of ashes (East side of Angel Island, coves near the entrance of the Golden Gate Bridge, or near Yellow Bluff area of Sausalito). However, the possibility of getting seasick increases if the charter is a scattering in the Pacific Ocean off the coastal waters of the Golden Gate where ocean swells exist.  However, if getting seasick is a concern, one may consider an over-the-counter medication or a doctor's prescription. 

Can I bring food and/or drinks aboard?

A standard service usually takes 1½  to 2 hours maximum. There is time before or after the service for a beverage, but not for food. If you choose the option of extending your service and incorporate your trip with an extended Bay tour cruise you may want to bring food. Bottled water and soda beverages are included in the charter trips.

Is smoking allowed on the boat?

Unfortunately, due to safety and health concerns, smoking is not permitted on board the vessel.  

Do we provide a burial at sea with full human remains? 

No, we do not provide this specific service. Burial at sea of human remains that are not cremated can be accomplished by checking with your funeral director, but it is often a lengthy and a very expensive process.  Regulations require burials of this nature to be made at a specific depth out at sea.  In many locations, a long journey is required to satisfy this requirement. This ocean voyage often requires a larger vessel, and may be uncomfortable for those who are less experienced at sea travel. The casket must be specially prepared to insure that it quickly descends to the ocean floor and remains there. It must also be secured according to strict Federal and State regulations.   

What if my religion does not allow the scattering cremated ashes loosely in the water without being in a urn or container? 

You can purchase biodegradable urns or containers which are environmentally safe via the Internet or from mortuaries. 

Are there any additional activities we may consider following a scattering of ashes memorial?

You might wish to add an Extended Bay Tour option to your event. An extra 1-2 hours at an additional cost of  $250.00 per hour on the boat will allow your charter to take a private cruise along the San Francisco waterfront, Alcatraz, Angel Island, and McCovey Cove at AT&T Park. The calm waters at McCovey Cove and usually nice weather make it an ideal location to anchor and have lunch especially during a Giant's game. 

How should I dress?

We recommend comfortable flat shoes preferably white soles if possible. High heels are not appropriate on the vessel for safety reasons.  Dress warmly and in layers.  

Is there a bathroom on board the vessel?

Yes. It this referred to as a marine head and it is kept meticulously clean.

What if I want to scatter the cremains of more than one person on a charter? Are there additional fees?

Yes, there is an additional charge of $85.00 for scattering the cremains of each additional person. This is due to additional administrative costs incurred with the scattering of each individual.

How much does it cost if we want to scatter a loved one and watch it from shore without chartering the boat with passengers aboard?

If it is location is listed as one of the designated sites in the standard rate,  the cost is $325.00; If  the location is not listed, please call for quote.  

What  are the days of operation?
Weekdays and weekends, year round.

What about  gratuity charges?

Tips for the captain and/or crewmember are greatly appreciated! 

Are pets allowed aboard the vessel?

Yes, however, there is an additional charge of $40.00 for medium to large size dogs.

What is required to make a reservation?

Once family and/or friends have agreed to charter our vessel with us, keep a few dates as options for the ash scattering memorial. The date of service is subject to prevailing weather conditions. You can make reservations by contacting us at  (415) 720-6908. You can reserve the event with a credit card via PayPal account or by check. A security deposit of 50% of the total amount is due 48 hours prior to the scheduled event. No refunds are given without at least 48 hours of notice prior to the scheduled event.  The full balance is due on the day of the event either in cash or via PayPal account.  

*Please note: there is an additional 3 % surcharge fee included if using PayPal/credit cards for payments